A statement from Texas Law

Dear Texas Law Community,

At the University of Texas School of Law, we take pride in providing a supportive and welcoming environment for students from every background. We are the flagship public law school for one of the most diverse states in the nation, yet with that comes an acute awareness of our role in history. In the middle of the 20th century, we had to be sued to desegregate. The plaintiff in the lawsuit, Heman Sweatt, is now a hero in our school’s history, and he along with others paved the way for law students from all backgrounds to pursue a legal education. For this and many other reasons, the fight against injustice is a deeply felt part of our mission. Over our doors are etched the words: “that they may truly and impartially administer justice.” Our school views every instance of racial violence and discrimination as a grave affront to that mission, and we are committed to producing lawyers who lead the fight for justice under law in this and all other respects.

Our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment is led by Professor Shavonne Henderson, Director of Student Inclusion and Equity. But carrying out this charge is not the job of any one member of our staff. It is the shared work of everyone in our community – every faculty member, every staff member, and every student. We are all thinking – we must all be thinking always – about how we can make ourselves part of the solution to the racial challenges that confront our nation, our state, and our school. We must ask ourselves at all times what we can do to ensure that everyone who works or studies here feels recognized, supported, and valued by all others. The work of ensuring justice starts at home, and it begins again every day.

Learn more about Texas Law’s mission and the University’s commitment to diversity.

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