Marilyn Armour

  • Associate Professor (School of Social Work)



  • Restorative Practices: Righting the Wrongs of Exclusionary School Discipline, 50 University of Richmond Law Review 999 (2016).
  • Assessing the Impact of the Ultimate Penal Sanction on Homicide Survivors: A Two State Comparison, 96 Marquette Law Review 1 (2012) (with Mark S. Umbreit).
  • Restorative Justice and Dialogue: Impact, Opportunities, and Challenges in the Global Community, 36 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 65 (2011) (with Mark S. Umbreit).
  • The Ultimate Penal Sanction and "Closure" for Survivors of Homicide Victims [Symposium: Dispute Resolution in Criminal Law], 91 Marquette Law Review 381 (2007) (with Mark S. Umbreit). <>

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