H. W. Perry Jr.

  • Associate Professor of Government; Associate Professor of Law



  • Civil Liberties and the Constitution: Cases and Commentaries (New York: Longman, 9th ed. 2010) (with Lucius Barker, Michael Combs, Kevin Lyles & Twiley Barker).
  • Deciding to Decide: Agenda Setting in the United States Supreme Court (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1991) [Translated into Chinese; Beijing: Chinese University of Political Science and Law Press, 2006].


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  • Taking Political Science Seriously, 47 St. Louis University Law Journal 889 (2003).
  • Panel One: Presidential-Legislative Relations: Confrontation or Coordination? [Symposium: Challenges to Fragile Democracies in the Americas: Legitimacy and Accountability], 36 Texas International Law Journal 325 (2001) (with Lourdes Flores Nano, Carlos Rosenkrantz & A. R. Brewer-Carias).
  • United States Attorneys--Whom Shall They Serve?, 61 Law & Contemporary Problems 129 (1998).
  • Lucius J. Baker: An Accomplished Career Despite No Crystal Stair, 25 PS: Political Science & Politics 752 (1992).
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  • Interaction and Decisionmaking on Collegial Courts: A Panel Discussion, 71 Judicature 339 (1988) (with John W. Cooley et al.).


  • Redefining the Supreme Court's Role: A Theory of Managing the Federal Judicial Process, by Samuel Estreicher, 82 American Political Science Review 631 (1988).


  • Certiorari, Writ of, in The Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States (Kermit L. Hall ed.; New York: Oxford University Press, 2005).

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