Patricia I. Hansen

  • J. Waddy Bullion Professor



  • Breeding Distrust: An Assessment and Recommendations for Improving the Regulation of Plant Derived Genetically Modified Foods (Consumer Federation of America Foundation, Jan. 2001) (with Thomas O. McGarity).


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  • Antitrust in the Global Market: Rethinking "Reasonable Expectations," 72 Southern California Law Review 1601 (1999).
  • Transparency, Standards of Review, and the Use of Trade Measures to Protect the Global Environment, 39 Virginia Journal of International Law 1017 (1999).
  • The Impact of the WTO and NAFTA on U.S. Law, 46 Journal of Legal Education 569 (1996).
  • Defining Unreasonableness in International Trade: Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, 96 Yale Law Journal 1122 (1987).


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