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BOOKS 2003-2022


Gregg, B. 2022. Creating Human Nature: The Political Challenges of Genetic Engineering. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Gregg, B. 2020. Chinese translation (作为社会建构的人权) of Gregg (2012) Human Rights as Social Construction by Li Xianfei (李仙飞). Cambridge University Press and Renmin University Press (中国人民大学出版社).

Gregg, B. 2016. The Human Rights State: Justice Within and Beyond Sovereign Nations. University of Pennsylvania Press. Philadelphia.

Gregg, B. 2012. Human Rights as Social Construction. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Gregg, B. 2003. Thick Moralities, Thin Politics: Social Integration across Communities of Belief. Duke University Press. Durham.

Gregg, B. 2003. Coping in Politics with Indeterminate Norms: A Theory of Enlightened Localism. SUNY Press. Albany.




• Gregg, B. 2024, forthcoming. How to Evaluate an Individual’s Decision Whether to Vaccinate During a Pandemic: Better by a Knowledge Commons than by Luck Egalitarianism. American Journal of Bioethics.

• Gregg, B. 2024, forthcoming. The Human Genome as a Knowledge Commons, in D. Gindis and P. Kuchař, eds. Governing Corporate Knowledge Commons. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

• Gregg, B. 2024, forthcoming. Human Genetic Engineering and Artificial Intelligence: Biotic Justice in the Anthropocene? In M. Goldstein, M. Costello, S. Elias, eds. Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene, 2nd Edition. Oxford, UK: Elsevier. Revised and updated version of text published in first edition (2018).

Gregg, B. 2024. Might the Bioethical Principle of Individual Decisional Autonomy Have a Politically Liberalizing Effect on Soft Authoritarian Communities? Politics and the Life Sciences 43(1):132-151.

Gregg, B. 2023. AI-Based Medical Solutions Can Threaten Physicians’ Ethical Obligations Only If Allowed to Do So. American Journal of Bioethics 23 (9):84-86.

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Gregg, B. 2023. Artificial Consciousness Is Unlikely to Possess a Moral Capacity. American Journal of Bioethics: Neuroscience 14 (2):79-81.

Gregg, B. 2022. The Person-Affecting/Identity-Affecting Distinction Between Forms of Human Germline Genome Editing Is Useless in Practical Ethics. American Journal of Bioethics 22 (9):49-51.

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Gregg, B. 2022. The Parameters of Possible Constitutional Interpretation. In R. Wuthnow, ed. Vocabularies of Public Life: Empirical Essays in Symbolic Structure. London: Routledge:207-233. Originally published 2002.

Gregg, B. 2021. Il contenimento di Covid-19: diritto alla privacy contro diritto alla salute pubblica. Trans. P. Monti and C. Rebuffo. Lessico di etica pubblica 2021 (1): 125-163. ISSN 2039-2206.

Gregg, B. 2021. Against Essentialism in Conceptions of Human Rights and Human Nature. Human Rights Quarterly 43:313–328.

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Gregg, B. 2020. The Human Rights State: Advancing Justice through Political Imagination. In K. Schmidt, ed. The State of Human Rights: Historical Genealogies, Political Controversies, and Cultural Imaginaries:47-69. Heidelberg, Germany: Winter Verlag.

Gregg, B. 2020. Construção Social de uma Natureza Humana Voltada para os Direitos Humanos. Trans. H. Pagliaro. Boletim Goiano de Geografia [Brazil] 40:1-24.

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Gregg, B. 2019. Against Self-Isolation as a Human Right of Indigenous Peoples in Latin America. Human Rights Review 20 (3):313-333.

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Gregg, B. 2018. Human Genetic Engineering: Biotic Justice in the Anthropocene? In D. DellaSala and M. Goldstein, eds. Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene, vol. 4:351-359. Oxford, UK: Elsevier.

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