Saturday, March 26, 2005

Scribes to use ALWD

The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing will be switching to the ALWD Citation Manual for its citation form. I'm happy about it because I'm an associate editor for the Journal. In terms of citation work, this will not really make my job that much easier. In fact, what it really means is only three things:

(1) no more small caps,
(2) more abbreviations, and
(3) same citation form for magazines and scholarly periodicals.

But because the ALWD Manual is so much easier for the novice to use, and because it is so much easier to teach from, I applaud anything that favors it. I concede that for scholarly legal writing, the Bluebook is not a real problem to use, but for teaching students, it's terrible.

Not familiar with the Journal? If you are interested in legal writing, you can pick up any of the 9 volumes and find fascinating reading. Visit the organization's website.

I consider the Journal the premier scholarly journal on legal writing, although there are only three others:

(1) The Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors
(2) Legal Writing: The Journal of the Legal Writing Institute
(3) Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing

Am I missing any?

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