Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Memos are in

I just had 105 student-written memos land on my desk.

The legal issue my students are writing about is the conspicuousness requirement in UCC 2-316(b). So my students are writing about ALL-CAPS and boldface type and headings and other things relating to presenting text. Weird?


It's not your typical research-memo topic in a law school writing course, but I'm tired of the typical. I wanted something that I'm genuinely interested in. I'm hoping that reading these memos won't be as mind-numbing as usual. 105 memos on the same topic is usually enough to drive me to the Web to browse around all day, wasting time. And 105 memos on the duty of a car-rental company to warn customers of crime risks in a distant city . . .

Or how about the right of a parent to waive her child's pre-injury negligence claims . . .

Well, you get the picture. BOR-ing. Now, at least, the subject I'll be reading about relates to writing--legal drafting specifically. Can I come up with writing problems that relate to writing from now on? We'll see.

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