Thursday, June 23, 2005

No one promoted the Bluebook

One more comment on Eric Shimamoto's piece criticizing the ALWD Manual.

Yesterday I mentioned that the Bluebook had a monopoly on legal citation for many, many years. In that context, Shimamoto's comments about marketing the ALWD Manual are funny:
    The ALWD Manual is published and marketed by Aspen Law & Business, a division of Aspen Publishing, Inc. The publisher will be at the 2005 meeting of the National Conference of Law Reviews, hawking the book to law review editors from across the country. Historically, The Bluebook has had no one to do this.
Eric Shimamoto, Student Author, Comment: To Take Arms Against A See Of Trouble: Legal Citation and The Reassertion Of Hierarchy, 73 UMKC L. Rev. 443, 459 (2004).

Of course no one was hawking the Bluebook to law reviews. It was the only citation manual.

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