Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Plain English: my own homeowner's association


In accordance with the Texas Nonprofit Corporation Act and the By-Laws of the Homeowners Association, the undersigned does hereby tender this proxy. The undersigned does hereby warrant that he/she is the sole owner of the hereinafter named property, or one of the owners of said property and after having consulted with the other owner/owners of said property, and in accordance with the agreement of said owners, warrants that he/she is entitled to vote on this matter in accordance with Article III of the By-Laws.


Proxy (absentee) voting form

If you can't attend the homeowners association meeting, you can use this proxy form. It's like an absentee ballot: you mark your votes, sign it, and mail it in, so the association's secretary can cast your vote at the meeting.

To vote, you must be the owner of this property:

[property address]

And you must fit one of these requirements:
1. You are the sole owner or
2. You are a joint owner and you consulted with the other owner or owners and agreed on how to vote.

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