Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Seminar teaches the opposite of what you learned in law school

The ad for a legal-writing CLE seminar makes this claim:
In this seminar, appellate attorney [instructor] advocates brevity,
simplicity and clarity - the opposite of what lawyers learn in law school.

This is offensive--deeply and painfully offensive.

Just kidding. I'm pretty hard to offend. It's just funny. It's just marketing. Selling.

Not a single legal-writing teacher in the nation teaches anything remotely close to "the opposite of brevity, simplicity, and clarity." Come on.

The practicing bar and judges "teach" (perpetuate) length, complexity, and obscurity much more than legal-writing teachers do. The legal-writing teachers swim endlessly against that tide.

I feel better now.

Hat tip to Set in Style by Mister Thorne.

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