Zipporah B. Wiseman

  • Thos. H. Law Centennial Professor



  • Representing Women: Law, Literature, and Feminism (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1994) (editor, with Susan Sage Heinzelman).
  • Commercial Law: Cases and Materials (Boston: Little, Brown, 1982) (with Vern Countryman & Andrew I. Kaufman).


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  • Roundtable Discussion: Is Subversion Subversive? [Symposium: Subversive Legacies], 13 Texas Journal of Women & the Law 139 (2003) (with Kathryn Abrams, Katherine Frank, David Kennedy & Gretchen Ritter).
  • Foreword [Symposium: Subversive Legacies], 12 Texas Journal of Women & the Law 193 (2003).
  • Quebec Diarist: Zion Days, The New Republic, Aug. 2, 1999, at 50.
  • Women in Bankruptcy and Beyond [Symposium: As We Forgive Our Debtors], 65 Indiana Law Journal 107 (1989).
  • The Limits of Vision: Karl Llewellyn and the Merchant Rules, 100 Harvard Law Review 165 (1987). [Reprinted in Commercial Law 501 (Ross Cranston ed.; New York: New York University Press, 1992).


  • Llewellyn Revisited, 70 Texas Law Review 771 (1992) (reviewing The Case Law System in America, by Karl Llewellyn) (with D. Neil MacCormick).


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  • Mentschikoff, Soia, in 15 American National Biography 317 (John A. Garraty & Mark C. Carnes eds.; New York: Oxford University Press, 1999).

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