Hour Requirements

First year students

1Ls are required to take a minimum of 29 hours, although most enroll for 30 hours. The financial aid budget is based on 30 hours of enrollment. Students enrolling in less than 14 hours for either semester must notify the Financial Aid Office for budget adjustments.

Second and third year students

2Ls and 3Ls must take a minimum of 10 hours per semester to receive financial aid. Students who are taking less than 10 hours per semester and wish to receive financial aid need prior approval from the Financial Aid Office.

Tuition is finalized on the enrollment date of each semester, which is the 12th class day for fall/spring semesters and the fourth class day for summer session. Financial Aid budget adjustments will not be made after the close of business on the 12th class day. Budget adjustments include fees for adding or dropping a course.

Summer School

Three (3) credit hours are the minimum hours necessary to receive financial aid during the summer session. Students enrolled for summer internships for credit also must be enrolled for a minimum of three hours. Students must notify the Financial Aid Office immediately if enrolling in only one session.