The Farris-Cisneros Scholarship

The Travis County Women Lawyers Scholarship Fund created the Farris-Cisneros Scholarship in 1998 in reaction to the Hopwood court decision. The scholarship, under the auspices of the Travis County Women Lawyers Scholarship Fund, Inc., is in the amount of $2,000.00.

Founders of the scholarship believe that, if lawyers are to maintain credibility within an increasingly diverse society, we must ensure a diverse bar.  The scholarship is named after Charlye Farris, the first African-American woman admitted to the Texas bar, and Edna Cisneros, the first Hispanic woman admitted to the Texas bar.   Charlye Farris graduated from Howard University in Washington, D.C. in 1953; she was the first woman of any race to actively practice law in Wichita County, Texas.  She practiced law there for over 40 years, was elected to the district bench there, and served on the Board of Regents of that city’s Midwestern State University.  In 2004, she received the Texas Bar Foundation’s Outstanding Fifty-year Lawyer Award.  Charlye died on February 18, 2010; more information about her amazing life appears in the April 2010 Travis County Women Lawyers Association newsletter.  Edna Cisneros became one of the first women to pass the Texas Bar Exam – in 1955 — and was the first woman ever elected District Attorney in Texas.

February 5, 2021

The Farris-Cisneros Scholarship is awarded annually to a minority woman attending the UT School of Law. The scholarship committee considers financial need, history of community involvement, and future intentions of the scholarship applicants. The recipient of the scholarship will be announced at TCWLA’s Combined Mentoring Program and Membership Lunch in the Spring of 2021.

If interested, please download the application form here.

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