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Human Rights Student Advisory Council

HRSAC reps

2012 HRSAC representatives at the spring human rights fair

About the HRSAC

The Human Rights Student Advisory Council (HRSAC) consists of representatives of undergraduate human rights organizations and individual at-large members. The HRSAC has a dual role: it represents the undergraduate voice in the Rapoport Center’s human rights work by advising the Center on undergraduate needs, and it increases collaboration and communication between undergraduate human rights organizations to build greater undergraduate awareness and participation in human rights-oriented activities.

The HRSAC is open to all registered undergraduate organizations at UT focused on addressing international or transnational human rights. Each member organization will select a representative to serve on the HRSAC for the academic year. All undergraduate students with a demonstrated interest in international or transnational human rights are also eligible to apply to be a member at large. Organization and individual applications will be available at the start of each semester.

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Students view a presentation during Act Local - Think Global, a one-day global leadership program for UT students to hone their leadership skills for the global arena, one of the many programs supported by the Rapoport Center through the HRSAC (photo courtesy UT Global Leadership Center).