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Undergraduate Internships

Fall 2014 Interns

Fall 2014 undergraduate interns Hannah Guernsey, Akira Conley, and Collin Poirot

Application deadline for Spring 2016: TBD

The Bernard and Audre Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice at the University of Texas School of Law offers Fall, Spring, and Summer internships to undergraduates who are interested in working in the field of human rights. Interns are chosen based on their academic credentials and background and interest in community outreach and human rights. If interested, please see the application process below.

Undergraduate interns bring excitement and expanded capabilities to the Rapoport Center. The interns offer invaluable support to many Center programs and also initiate new projects, such as identifying courses in human rights across campus, interviewing the Center's faculty affiliates so as to make the Center more attentive to their interests and work, and expanding outreach to undergraduate and graduate students across campus through the Human Rights Student Advisory Council. The interns also work with the Center faculty, staff, and human rights scholars on conference planning, alumni outreach, and coverage of the Center’s Human Rights Speaker Series and other sponsored events.

"I have been thrilled by the work and commitment of the undergraduate interns," said Professor Karen Engle, the Center's Co-Director. "We are honored that these talented and active students have chosen to make human rights work such a priority in their lives." Former Associate Director, Ariel Dulitzky adds, "We are very grateful to have the opportunity to work with these brilliant, committed and responsible undergraduate interns. We hope that through the internship they will gain valuable experience regarding the practice and theory of human rights."

Spring 2011 Interns

Fall 2013 undergraduate interns Jordan Greenberg, Hirrah Barlas, and Kimia Dargahi

About the Internship

Interns support various initiatives at the Rapoport Center. This internship is ideal for students who are interested in:

This is an unpaid internship. Selected interns should be available at least 10 hours per week during the semester, and 15-20 hours per week during the summer.

Spring 2011 Interns

Spring 2012 undergraduate interns Courtney Lee, Tim Schroedter, and Heather Wong

The Role of Human Rights Interns

Undergraduate interns play an important role at the Rapoport Center. Interns will focus on different activities, depending on their background, interest, and the needs of the Center. Primary duties include:

Required Qualifications

The following qualifications may be preferred in some candidates:

Application Process

Qualified students should submit the following items individually in PDF format via email (subject: Undergraduate Internship) to Rapoport Center Assistant Director William Chandler (

Spring 2011 Interns

Fall 2011 undergraduate interns Roberto Flotte, Lynda Gonzalez, and Courtney Lee

Thank you and good luck!