Students – Finding a Placement

Students take the lead in arranging their field placements, often in consultation with the faculty instructor. We seek placements and supervisors committed to approaching internships as important educational experiences for students.

Government agencies and offices are eligible placements; trade unions, courts, and nonprofits are not eligible for this course.  For 2021-22, legislative offices are eligible placements as well. Each student explores placement possibilities, secures an offer from a potential placement, and applies to the instructor for approval of the proposed placement and supervisor. The instructor contacts the proposed supervisor to discuss the program requirements and invite the supervisor to participate. Once the placement and supervisor are approved, the student is authorized to register for the course. While students are encouraged to arrange their internships as early as possible, we recognize that some students may not secure placements until shortly before the semester begins. We will make every effort to accommodate students.

There are many ways to identify potential field placements:

Once a potential placement has been identified, a student should contact the office directly to inquire about interning there in connection with this course.