International Internship

Students work full-time under the supervision of experienced attorneys at courts, international institutions, and nongovernmental organizations outside the U.S..  Field placements involve work on international law-related matters, and many focus on human rights.  Interns immerse themselves in practice, developing their professional skills and studying the role of international lawyers and legal institutions.  The course addresses topics relevant to public service lawyering in international settings, including professionalism, ethics, advocacy, access to justice, the legal profession, and the intersection of law and policy.  It is possible for a student to arrange a placement by consulting with the instructor, but most students intern through placements sponsored by the Rapoport Center:

  • International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia; The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Inter-American Court for Human Rights; San Jose, Costa Rica
  • European Court of Justice; Luxembourg
  • Extraordinary Chambers of the Court of Cambodia