Federal Public Defender Internship Application

The application deadline for the next academic year (Fall 2020-Spring 2021) is March 6, 2020.

  1. Students must commit to a full year of internship (both long academic semesters, excluding the summer).
  2. Students will receive 4 credits, 2 for each semester of the internship.
  3. Students are encouraged to enroll in the Fall 2020 Adv. Fed. Crim. Prosecution and Defense seminar, co-taught by Professors Brown and Klein, and to take a 3-unit Federal Criminal Law course taught by Prof. Susan Klein in Spring of 2021, but these course are not required there is also frequently a defense seminar offered by Assistant Federal Public Defenders in Prof. Aldredge’s office, and that is highly recommended for students interested in a career with a Federal Public Defender Service in any district.

To apply, please e-mail a copy of cover letter, resume , writing sample,and transcript (unofficial is fine) to Professor Klein at sklein@law.utexas.edu and to Professor Aldredge at horatio_aldredge@fd.org.

You may be called for an interview immediately before or during Spring Break.

Interested students can should stop by Prof. Susan Klein’s office at TNH 3.207, alternatively students can call Prof. Aldredge at (512) 916-5025, or Prof. Klein at (512) 232-1324.

Information on the Federal Public Defender Office is available at: http://txw.fd.org/austin.