Nonprofit Internship

The Nonprofit Internship Program at Texas Law provides an opportunity for law students to intern at approved placements for academic credit.  This course is part of Texas Law’s clinical program.  It is designed to give students hands-on legal experience under the close supervision of experienced attorneys in the field, as well as an in-class academic experience with a member of the clinical faculty.

Information for Organizations Interested in Hosting an Intern

Law Students

  • are eligible to participate after completing their first two semesters
  • earn credits for this course (4 in the fall/spring, 3 in the summer) and can only participate in it once
  • arrange their own internships (in consultation with a faculty instructor) and apply to the instructor for approval
  • may not receive compensation for their work

Work Requirements

  • students work for at least 180 hours, over at least ten weeks during fall and spring, and 180 hours over at least 6 weeks during summer
  • an individual placement may require a greater time commitment or prior experience
  • work assignments must be primarily legal in nature


  • nonprofit organizations and labor unions are eligible placements; trade unions, government agencies and courts are not eligible
  • must provide a physical office location in which the student works

Supervising Attorneys

  • must have at least three years of legal experience
  • must be an individual attorney who is responsible for the student’s experience and interacts regularly with the student
  • must review the “Description of Program” memo, agree to participate in the program, and maintain contact with the faculty instructor