Independent Study


The Independent Study concentration is designed to be flexible based on the student’s interests. In this program, students are fully integrated into Texas Law’s J.D.’s classes, where they sit side-by-side with U.S. J.D. students being trained in the tradition of U.S. legal education.

The LL.M. Program requires applicants to submit a proposed plan of study that includes (1) a proposed concentration title and (2) a comprehensive list of courses that will suffice to meet the 12-credit LL.M. concentration requirement (half of the 24-credit LL.M. degree requirement). Past, current, and future courses can be accessed on the Law School’s Class Schedule. Applicants will be prompted to upload their independent study proposal in support of their application for admission through LSAC.

During LL.M. Orientation, the student will work closely with the Assistant Dean for Graduate & International Programs in designing an approved curriculum to meet the needs and requirements of the discussed independent study.

Internal Scholarships

Visit Scholarship Opportunities for more information.

General Requirements

  • A total of 24 credit hours that must be completed in one academic year (fall and spring terms).
  • 12 credits must be in the Independent Study Concentration area.
  • A three-credit writing seminar or a two-credit directed research paper (30-40 double-spaced pages).
  • U.S. Constitutional Law for Foreign Lawyers (This course is required for students with a foreign law degree. Foreign students with a background of common law study can request a waiver of this requirement.)
  • An internship or clinic for students on a practical skills concentration track is required.
  • All other courses for this concentration curriculum will be determined with the supervision of the Assistant Dean.
  • Non-U.S. J.D. students planning to take a U.S. state bar exam must also complete certain bar-required courses as part of their LL.M. degree program to be eligible to take the bar examination.

Sample Courses

Note: Past, current, and future courses can be accessed on the Law School’s Class Schedule. The courses listed on the course schedule are sample course offerings only and are not necessarily offered every term.