U.S. Law for Foreign Lawyers


The U.S. Law for Foreign Lawyers Concentration is designed to prepare foreign lawyers for global practice. In this program, students are fully integrated into Texas Law’s J.D.’s classes, where they sit side-by-side with American students being trained in the tradition of U.S. legal education. The U.S. for Foreign Lawyers Concentration is a flexible program that provides students with a foreign law degree the opportunity to focus on a particular area of study or gain a broad foundation in U.S. law by taking courses in a variety of areas. Students take both basic and advanced courses and learn how U.S. lawyers are trained to analyze legal questions and advocate on their client’s behalf. They also develop skills to make them more effective global practitioners.

The U.S. Law for Foreign Lawyers Concentration is well-suited for students from a non-common law background who intend to take the Texas and/or New York bar exam. The program provides students the needed curricular flexibility to take courses required by each bar and courses that complement their academic and professional interests.

Internal Third-Party Scholarships

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General Requirements

  • A total of 24 credit hours that must be completed in one academic year (fall and spring semesters).
  • A three-credit writing seminar or a two-credit directed research project (with a 30-page paper).
  • Constitutional Law for Foreign Lawyers (This is a requirement for students with a foreign law degree. Students with a background in common law may request a waiver from this requirement.)
  • The Contracts for Foreign Lawyers course has been designed specifically to meet the needs of our foreign LL.M. students and is the required foundational course. Students can petition to take another course if contracts is not related to their field of study.
  • Students interested in taking a U.S. state bar exam will also have to take certain bar-required courses to be eligible to sit for the bar exam.

Sample Courses

Note: Courses may vary from semester to semester. Past, current, and future courses can be accessed on the Law School’s Interactive Course Schedule.