The UT Opportunity Forum is an interdisciplinary collaboration of faculty from across the University of Texas. Our mission is to foster relationships and strategies to promote more vibrant and equitable cities in Texas, with a focus on affordable housing, community planning, economic development, education, and transportation. Today, with changing demographics and explosive urban growth, exacerbated social and economic inequalities, and a limited policy framework, communities are faced with an array of challenges to promote equitable opportunity. The Opportunity Forum engages the University and community leaders in developing inclusive approaches to address these complex challenges through the following areas of work:

  • Experiential Research and Learning: Coordination of opportunities for affiliated faculty and students to partner with community organizations and government agencies in participatory research and policy projects on issues related to the deconcentration of poverty, increasing low-income individuals’ access to economic opportunity, and promoting local and regional strategies for equitable growth in Texas.
  • Exchange of Ideas: Forums for policy makers, faculty, students, and community leaders to exchange innovative ideas and best practices around equitable opportunity through symposiums, workshops, speakers series, and  leadership forums.
  • Communication: Online forums for disseminating faculty research and publications, information on upcoming events, and news on topics related to fostering the expansion of equitable opportunity in Texas.
  • Resources for Communities:  Providing Texas communities with accessible data and reports to assist with the assessment of existing conditions and new opportunities to further the expansion of equitable opportunities.