NYU Furman Center Releases Report on Assisted Housing and Education

Report Released Showing that Federally Assisted Households Have Limited Access to High Performing Public Schools

The Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy has released a report finding that children living in assisted housing studied are more likely to live near low performing schools than  poor families as a whole. According to the report, “Families in Project-based Section 8 developments live near schools with a median test score ranking at the 28th percentile within their metropolitan area; Housing Choice Voucher families live near schools with a median test score ranking at the 26th percentile; and the median rank of schools closest to Public Housing families is the lowest at the 19th percentile.”

You can read the full report here and press release here. Detailed state and metropolitan area data may be found in Appendix A (state-by-state tables),  Appendix B (metropolitan area tables), Appendix C (national distributions of family units by school performance), and  Appendix D (top 100 MSAs – percentile rankings for each housing program).