Parole Packet Representation Team Lead

Students will assist incarcerated individuals with preparation of a parole packet that will be submitted to the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole. A typical parole packet includes a client narrative, photographs, letters of support, certificates, medical records, and other relevant documents. Team Leads will take on a leadership role in the Parole Packet Project and being given additional insights into how the Parole Project operates. Team Leads will work closely both with their team and the Mithoff Supervising Attorney and Pro Bono Scholars for deeper involvement in the Parole Project and the Mithoff Program. Team Leads will be placed on a team with other students working on a Parole Packet and will assist with the normal team duties of crafting a parole packet, which include interviewing the client and family members, affidavit drafting, research, and writing. Along with these duties, the Team Lead also will be responsible for the following administrative responsibilities: (1) creating agendas for team meetings; (2) scheduling team client visits and calls; (3) submitting team travel documents; (4) updating and organizing case file and documents; (5) tracking team progress; (6) leading team in compiling exhibits and bine in charge of the draft packet initial review.


Parole Project, Mithoff Pro Bono Program

The Parole Project is an internal project of the Richard and Ginni Mithoff Pro Bono Program. Its mission is to prepare parole packets on behalf of incarcerated women in order to provide the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole with information that enables the Board to gain a more holistic, human picture of incarcerated individuals it reviews for parole.

Project Details

Project Start Date

September 2022

Approximate hours of work requested
30-45 hours over the course of the academic year, including training sessions
Wednesday, September 14, 5pm-7pm (TNH 2.138); Team Leads also will be required to attend a separate Team Lead training on a date TBD based on student availability
Skills used
Interviewing; document requests; document review; legal research and writing; potential oral advocacy; organization; professional communication; project management
Project location
Preparation of the parole packet will likely some limited travel (5-10 hours spread over the year) to meet with the client in person, depending on updated TDCJ visitation guidelines at the time of the visit (under current guidelines they would involve a covid test or proof of vaccination); drafting the packet can be done at the law school or another location at the student’s discretion; trainings will be held at the law school and will be recorded
727 E. Dean Keeton Street, Austin, TX 78705
Number of student volunteers requested
Class year preference
1L, 2L, 3L
Required skills
Preference will be given to returning student volunteers as well as students with prior experience with interviewing and direct client services, but anyone passionate about getting people out of prison and interested in taking on a leadership role, including 1Ls, is encouraged to apply; applicants’ prior experience with project or case management, if any, also will be considered
To Apply
Complete this application ( ) where you will state (1) your interest in the project; (2) whether you are interested in being a student volunteer in the event you are not selected to be a Team Lead; (3) experience with criminal justice work, social work, or any social justice work (defined broadly to include any direct client services, public policy, or reentry work); (4) any writing or interview experience; (5) any experience with project and/or team management; please complete the application by Monday, September 5 at noon