Texas Law Expunction Project – Lead Student Counselors

Lead student counselors (LSCs) serve a vital role in the Expunction Project by overseeing the entire expunction and/or nondisclosure process for 2-4 applicants. LSCs will participate in every stage of the Expunction Project over the course of a few weeks in the semester. LSCs will manage their applicants’ files by determining what type of relief applicants may be eligible for based on their criminal history; obtaining criminal records necessary to prove applicants’ eligibility; drafting petitions and orders for relief; and meeting with applicants to prepare them for pro se hearings. LSCs will work closely with a Mithoff Program Supervising Attorney and Pro Bono Scholars throughout this process. An expunction destroys all criminal records related to an eligible offense, and a nondisclosure seals the records so that applicants no longer have to disclose their criminal history on background checks.


Texas Law Expunction Project

The Expunction Project is an internal project of the Richard and Ginni Mithoff Pro Bono Program.

Project Details