Texas Law Expunction Project – Intake and Applicant Eligibility Review Session

Students will review applicants’ criminal history records and determine their eligibility to expunge or obtain orders of nondisclosure of criminal records. In training, students will learn about the consequences of having a criminal record and about expunction and nondisclosure laws in Texas. Students will apply this knowledge during the intake session by analyzing whether an individual’s criminal records meet the eligibility requirements for expunction or non-disclosure under state law. The eligibility information documented at the intake session will be used to draft petitions for orders of expunction and nondisclosure during later clinics held by the Expunction Project. An expunction destroys all criminal records related to an eligible offense, and a nondisclosure seals the records so that applicants no longer have to disclose their criminal history on background checks.


Mithoff Pro Bono Program

The Expunction Project is an internal project of the Richard and Ginni Mithoff Pro Bono Program.

Project Details