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“That they may truly and impartially administer justice”
Photo of Judge Sanders, Julian, and Baron Hon. Barefoot Sanders, Judge Justice, Elizabeth "Betsy" Julian, Frederick M. Baron


Justice Awards


William Wayne Justice


Lifetime Achievement Award
Barefoot Sanders

Outstanding Service Awards
Elizabeth "Betsy" Julian
Frederick M. Baron

Justice Awards

In its inaugural years, the William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law presented "Justice Awards" to recognize outstanding leaders in public service and the effort to achieve equal justice for all. The first Justice Award, presented at the dinner celebrating the establishment of the Justice Center in April 2004, honored Judge William Wayne Justice for his commitment to public service and equal justice for over fifty years. At its second Justice Center Awards Dinner in Dallas in November 2005, the Justice Center honored alumni Judge Barefoot Sanders, Elizabeth "Betsy" Julian and Frederick M. Baron. Judge Sanders received the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Julian and Baron each received an Outstanding Service Award.

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