William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law

“That they may truly and impartially administer justice”

2005-2006 Programs

In 2005–2006, the Justice Center sponsored:

Photo of Judge Justice and the 2005-2006 Justice Center Student Advisory Board

Judge Justice and 2005 - 2006 Justice Center Student Advisory Board

Conferences and Lectures:

Photo of Green Society at Austin State School

Green Society volunteering at the Austin State School as part of the Public Service Initiatives Program

Community Service/Pro Bono Education:

  • Fall Public Service Initiative for First Year Students (orientation speaker, special classes on access to justice issues, and service projects), Fall ’05
  • Public Interest Law Table Talk (co-sponsored with Career Services Office), Fall ’05
  • Community Tax Center Project, partnered with the Community Tax Center to provide student volunteers to help low income working families file tax returns, Spring ’06
  • Junior Judges, partnered with the Texas Young Lawyers Association to provide student volunteers to teach a unit on law and the judiciary to elementary school children throughout Austin, Spring ’06


Public Service Recognition:

Scholarships and Fellowships:

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