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Race, Place, and Fair Housing in Texas


A Statewide Conference at the
University of Texas School of Law
October 15th, 2010, 8 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.


About the Conference:

Race, Place, and Fair Housing in Texas covered the latest legal requirements and best practices for planning and creating fair housing opportunities for low-income persons of color. National experts and leading local practitioners led an engaging conference that examined:

  • New legal developments on city and state obligations to further fair housing opportunities for persons of color, including the new federal regulations under development and the Texas legal action involving $1.7 billion in federal Community Development Block Grant funding.
  • Hands-on policy tools to remove barriers and create fair housing opportunities in inclusive communities.
  • Best practices for making fair housing an effective aspect of city planning.
  • New national models for developing a legally compliant and effective Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing.

Conference Information:

Additional Resources:

Small Area Fair Market Rent Demonstration

The following three links relate to the Small Area Fair Market Rent Demonstration that Elizabeth Julian, of the Inclusive Communities Project, and several other speakers discussed at the conference. As noted by Ms. Julian, the Demonstration Program is not yet implemented for 2011, with the exception of Dallas, which is covered by a legal settlement. The October 4, 2010 Notice (link 3) provides, however, that HUD will publish a separate notice by early 2011 explaining who else can apply to participate and on what terms. In the interim, the HUD User website (link 1) contains datasets showing what zip code rents look like in a wide range of metropolitan areas as compared with current FMR calculations.