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G. Rollie White Public Service Scholarship Program

Class of 2017 G. Rollie White Scholar Paige Duggins

The G. Rollie White Public Service Scholarship provides $15,000 each year for three years to an entering student with strong academic credentials and demonstrated commitment to public service who plans to pursue a legal career helping the underserved.  The inaugural scholarship was awarded in April 2014.

The scholarship is funded by a generous gift from the G. Rollie White Trust and is designed to help increase access to justice and encourage public service by students.  The scholarship is administered by the Law School’s William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law.

Scholarship recipients are expected to actively participate on the Justice Center Student Advisory Board, to sign and fulfill the Pro Bono Pledge, to spend a summer working for at least ten weeks at a nonprofit legal services organization, and to complete two clinical courses (clinics and/or internships) prior to graduation. Scholarship recipients sign an agreement committing to these terms each August, before receiving the scholarship for the coming year.  Each agreement will set yearly benchmarks for completing the requirements. The renewal of the scholarship in subsequent years is contingent on the recipient satisfying the prior year’s scholarship agreement.

The application period for the Class of 2018 is closed. For sample application information, see:

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