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Equal Justice Scholars

(l-r) Cassie McCrae, '14; Chris Larson, '15; Erin Gaines, '13

Equal Justice Scholarship Program - Class of 2016

One entering student from the class of 2016 will be selected to receive the Equal Justice Scholarship, which covers full tuition and fees (at in-state rates) for all three years. The scholarship is awarded to a student with strong academic credentials, demonstrated commitment to public interest law, and a specific intent to serve low-income individuals or groups following graduation.

The scholarship was established in 2005 to help increase access to justice. The scholarship program gives financial support to outstanding students dedicated to providing legal services to low-income individuals and communities. The scholarship is sponsored by the William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law at the Law School, and was developed in partnership with Baylor University School of Law and the Texas Access to Justice Commission.

The scholarship recipient for the class of 2016 must commit to work full-time for three years immediately following graduation (or after completing a judicial clerkship) providing direct legal services to low-income individuals or groups at a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States. A student who accepts the scholarship but does not fulfill his or her three year employment commitment is obligated to repay the amount of the scholarship (possibly on a prorated basis). During law school the scholarship recipient is expected to spend at least one summer working in a public interest legal position, enroll in a clinic or internship, and participate on the Student Advisory Board for the Justice Center. The scholarship recipient must sign an agreement committing to these terms.

Scholars' Profiles and Comments

Applications are due by 5pm CST Friday, March 1. For application information, see:

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