William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law

“That they may truly and impartially administer justice”
Photo of Judge Justice, William Whitehurst, and Richard Mithoff

Judge Justice and Justice Center Advisory Council Co-Chairs, William Whitehurst and Richard Mithoff

Friends of the Justice Center

The success of the William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law is made possible by generous gifts from many donors who share our commitment to equal justice.  The Justice Center was created in 2004 with an endowment funded by a wide range of supporters – alumni, law firms, faculty, and friends and former law clerks of Judge Justice.  We have continued to receive strong support, allowing us to expand our staff and broaden programming in numerous areas.  During the last two years the Justice Center has launched a school-wide pro bono program, increased the number of stipends for students engaged in public interest work, undertaken research initiatives focused on issues facing the underrepresented, and presented an array of events designed to promote equal justice and public service.

The Justice Center actively seeks additional funding for ongoing and new initiatives.  Please consider supporting our work.

The Law School and the Justice Center thank our many generous benefactors: