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Thursday, April 15
The Arc of Justice - The Legacy of Judge William Wayne Justice and the Role of Lawyers in Social Reform
Eidman Courtroom, UT School of Law

Panel Poster
Panel Audience Panelist
Panelists Panelist Guttentag
Panelist Kolmar Whitehurst
Kemerer Shelley Reception
Clerks Guests
Clerks Reception
Ellen Justice Clerks

Friday, April 16
Cenotaph Dedication and Reception
Texas State Cemetery


Cemetery Gate TX State Cemetery
Cenotaph Front Cenotaph Back
Dedication Audience Bea Ann Smith
Rain Grounds
Cenotaph Clerks Centotaph
Cenotaph Audience Cenotaph Georgia
Whitehurst Guestbook Cenotaph Reception
Reception Guests Reception Guests


Friday, April 16
Celebration of Judge William Wayne Justice's Life and Legacy
Darrell K. Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium


Portrait Welcome Sign
Justice Staff Program
Clerks Guests
Clerks Whitehurst Mithoff
Clerks Wulff Simmons
Dinner Reception
Audience Dean Sager
Pollock Furgeson
Albritton Weiser
Mrs. Justice Mrs. Justice Weiser
Birthday Cake Jumbotron Night


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