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Judicial Internship Program

Finding a Judicial Internship

The Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings: (l-r) Judge Tommy Broyles, interns Christopher Fox, ’15, and Claire Sarson, ‘15, and Judge Craig Bennett. 

Students who wish to enroll in the Judicial Internship Program must first apply for and obtain an internship with an eligible court. Students who wish to intern in the fall or spring semester apply to the participating courts in Austin. Students who wish to intern in the summer may also apply to state appellate courts and federal courts outside Austin. The instructor will approve placements outside Austin for academic credit if the court agrees to participate in the UT program. Students may not receive academic credit for interning with state trial courts.

The Career Services Office provides students with information about how to research and apply for judicial internships. Because judicial internships vary with respect to interns' duties and the extent to which interns work with legal staff or directly with the judge, students are advised to consider their goals for a judicial internship and to research courts before submitting applications. In particular, students should review prior interns' evaluations of their internships (which are maintained by the CSO in binders located in the CSO library).

See Career Services Office – Career Paths – Judicial Internships for more information on how to apply for judicial internships.

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