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Judicial Internship Program


As soon as a student has obtained an internship, the student applies to the instructor for approval to take the internship for academic credit and for permission to enroll in the Judicial Internship Program. Applications are available below.

After approving the application, the instructor will notify the student and the Student Affairs Office that the student has permission to register. The Student Affairs Office will notify the student about how and when to register (and pay tuition and fees).

A note about the relationship between the academic calendar and internships: In the spring and fall semesters, students perform their required internship hours between the first and last day of classes. In the summer, students may begin internships after their spring semester exams before the start of the summer session, which usually begins in early June. However, students who will start their internships before the beginning of the summer session must first apply for and obtain instructor approval to register, attend an orientation session with the instructor, and begin work on the course requirements. Applications for approval to register from students who have already begun their internships may be rejected on that basis. Students must complete their required internship hours by the last day of the summer session.

Applications from students who wish to intern with participating courts in Austin are generally approved quickly. The instructor will contact judges outside Austin to verify that they are willing to participate in the UT program. Applications from students who have already taken a judicial internship for academic credit or from students who will receive compensation for the internship will not be approved.

For more information on how and when to register, contact the Student Affairs Office (TNH 2.117) at (512) 232-1140.

Students with other questions about the Judicial Internship Program may email Professor Mary Crouter, the Judicial Internship Program instructor, at mcrouter@law.utexas.edu.

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