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Judicial Internship Program

Visiting Students

A student at another law school who has an offer to intern with a participating Austin court may request to enroll in the Texas Law Judicial Internship Program as a visiting student. The student must first apply to The University of Texas School of Law and be offered admission as a visiting student. A student who is interested in participating in the Texas Law program is also responsible for verifying that his or her law school will accept the Texas Law course credits.

Texas Law requires all visiting students to enroll in a full-time course load.  In the summer, a visiting student must take at least six credit hours. In the spring and fall, a visiting student must take at least ten credit hours.

The Texas Law summer session begins in early June and visiting students cannot register for Texas Law summer session classes until a few days before the beginning of the session. Students may begin summer internships before the start of the summer session, but they first must:

  • be admitted to The University of Texas School of Law,
  • apply for and obtain instructor approval to register,
  • attend an orientation session with the instructor, and
  • begin work on the course requirements, even if they have not yet registered for the course.

Applications for approval to register from students who have already begun their internships may be rejected on that basis.

For more information on how to apply to visit, contact the Admissions Office. For information on registering for courses as a visiting student, contact the Student Affairs Office.

If you have other questions about this program, contact Professor Mary Crouter, the Judicial Internship Program instructor, at mcrouter@law.utexas.edu.

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