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Photo of Victor Obaseki, Senator Zaffrini, Dean Sager, and Lt. Governor Dewhurst

Intern Victor Obaseki shaking hands with Senator Zaffirini on the Texas Senate Floor, Dean Sager and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst in the background

Legislative Internship Program

Overview of Legislative Internship Program - Spring 2011

Students: Students are in their 2nd or 3rd year at Texas Law. Legislative offices select their own student interns.

Student Work: Assignments must be substantially legal in nature. Students work a minimum of 175 hours at their placements. They also attend class 3 times during the semester, submit short writing assignments, and meet individually with the instructors.

Timeframe: Students generally complete their hours between the start of the semester and the start of finals. Some students may be able to work beyond the start of finals, but most cannot.

Placements: Students work in legislative offices, including the Lieutenant Governor's Office, a Senator's office, a Representative's office, a committee office, the Legislative Council, or a legislative agency.

Supervisors: Each student must be supervised by an attorney with at least 3 years of experience.

Approval: All placements and supervisors must be approved by the instructors.

Credit: Students earn 3 credits.

Faculty: The course is taught by Professor Tina Fernandez and Professor Lucy Wood.


Tina Fernandez, Director, Pro Bono Program
(512) 232-6170, Fax (512) 232-0705
Office: CCJ 1.326B
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Lucy Wood, Lecturer
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The University of Texas School of Law
727 E. Dean Keeton Street
Austin, Texas 78705
Campus Mail Code: D1800

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