Baron & Budd Public Interest Scholarships

The Baron & Budd Scholarship Program provides scholarships to support students who commit to working a minimum of 150 hours (over one semester) or 300 hours (over two semesters) during the academic year with a non-profit organization providing legal services to underserved individuals or communities. The 2017-2018 scholarship is $2,500 for one semester or $5,000 for two semesters.

An interested student arranges an organizational sponsor for his or her proposed work before submitting an application for the scholarship. A sponsoring organization must be a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit providing legal services and/or advocacy to underrepresented individuals or communities in the central Texas area. Government agencies, labor unions, and legislative offices do not qualify. A scholar must work under the supervision of a licensed attorney. Scholars are selected based on their credentials, their commitment to public service, their financial need, and the sponsoring organization and proposed work.

This program is funded by generous gifts from the Baron & Budd law firm.

2017-2018 Scholars:

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Application Information

Applications for spring 2018 scholarships are due by noon on January 5, 2018, and will be announced before the start of the spring semester.

The scholarship is open to 2Ls and 3Ls who have completed the on-line FAFSA application and have established need and who have completed the on-line law school scholarship application at  The scholarship is distributed as a merit scholarship through the Financial Aid Office.  (If you receive financial aid, the scholarship will very likely affect the funding you receive.  For information about how the scholarship could affect your financial aid package, please consult the Financial Aid Office.) Scholars must work the required hours between first and last class day of the spring 2018 semester.  In the event that a Scholar does not meet the hours requirement within the prescribed timeframe, the Scholar may be required to repay the scholarship.

Each recipient will be required to sign a scholarship agreement before funds are disbursed, to provide periodic updates, and to provide the Justice Center with a report on his or her work and photos of the recipient at the workplace.

A student who has already received this scholarship is not eligible to reapply.  A student may not receive academic credit and the scholarship for the same work.


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