I Prefer to Hand-Write

Hand-Write Your Exams (Opt Out of Typing)

How the Billing Process Works

To type your in-class Law exams on your laptop, you must use Extegrity Exam4 software. You will only pay the software fee ($20 Law School Charges) once per academic year. Exam4 is available to all currently-enrolled Texas Law students. Students are notified of their window to opt-out each term. A Law student who opts-out is only opted-out for the current term, and must opt-out again in subsequent terms if they prefer to hand-write their in-class exams.

For Students With Early/Midterm Exams

Students enrolled in courses with early or midterm exams will be notified of their window to opt-out earlier in the term. Students not enrolled in courses with early/midterm exams will be notified of their window to opt-out before the final exam period.

Whitebooks are provided for students who opt to hand-write their exams. Students are responsible for bringing their own pens and pencils to all exams.