Attendance and Absences

COVID-19 Absence Request Form

Regular and punctual attendance is required in all courses, and faculty members may adopt more specific attendance policies. Listening at a later time to a recorded class session is not a substitute for attendance. Because attendance is required, registration for courses that meet at the same time or overlapping times is not permitted.

Absences Unrelated to Health

If you must miss a class meeting for a personal (non-health), please arrange to get notes for the class from a fellow student. If you wish to have a classmate record the class meeting for you, please contact the instructor for permission. Individual instructors may elect not to permit class recordings. For more information about recording class, including the application of the Honor Code, please review this page.

Illnesses and Absences Related to Health

Please do not come to school if you are sick and potentially contagious with any illness, or if you are expected pursuant to University policy to quarantine in connection with COVID-19.

If your absence is related to COVID-19, complete the COVID-19 Absence Request Form as soon as possible and request an excused absence. The SAO will send you and your instructors an email confirming your excused absence. Your instructors will make a good faith effort to record class and provide you with prompt access, but the type of recording will vary between classes. You are also advised to arrange to get notes from a classmate.

For other illnesses, notify your instructors of your expected absence and arrange to get notes from a classmate. For an absence longer than three days, please be prepared to provide the SAO appropriate documentation, such as a note from a medical professional.

Religious Observance

A student is excused from attending classes or other required activities, including examinations, for the observance of a religious holy day, including travel for that purpose. A student whose absence is excused for this reason will not be penalized and shall be allowed to take an examination or complete an assignment from which the student is excused within a reasonable time.

If you need to have an exam rescheduled for religious observance, please contact the SAO, not your instructor.

Excessive Absences

Excessive absences (whether excused or not), failure to participate in classroom work, or improper conduct in the classroom may result, at the discretion of the instructor, in consequences that include: a reduced letter grade, dropping the student from the course (with the resulting grade of “Q”), assignment of a failing grade for the course, or other appropriate sanctions.

If a student stops attending class at any time in the semester or summer session, but fails to drop the course officially, a grade of “F” is recorded for the course. If a student misses the final exam without permission of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, a grade of “F” is recorded for the course.

The “Q” grade appears on the transcript, but is not included in the student’s GPA. When an “F” grade is recorded, the course is counted as a course taken and failed for the purposes of minimum performance standards and financial aid, and 1.30 grade points are used in calculating the student’s overall average.