During Summer and Fall 2020, Law School courses may be held either in-person or online or in a hybrid format. All online courses are synchronous, meaning students are expected to attend and participate in real-time. Regardless of format, regular and punctual attendance is required in all courses. It is not a substitute for attendance to listen to a recording of a class session at a later time. Faculty members may adopt more specific attendance policies.

Because regular and punctual attendance is required in all courses, registration for courses that meet at the same time or overlapping times is not permitted.

Excessive absences (whether excused or not), failure to participate in classroom work, or improper conduct in the classroom may result, at the discretion of the instructor, in consequences that include: a reduced letter grade, dropping the student from the course (with the resulting grade of “Q”), assignment of a failing grade for the course, or other appropriate sanctions.

If a student stops attending class at any time in the semester or summer session, but fails to drop the course officially, a grade of “F” is recorded for the course. If a student misses the final exam without permission of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, a grade of “F” is recorded for the course.

The “Q” grade appears on the transcript, but is not included in the student’s GPA. When an “F” grade is recorded, the course is counted as a course taken and failed for the purposes of minimum performance standards and financial aid, and 1.30 grade points are used in calculating the student’s overall average.