Student Bar Association

University of Texas School of Law Student Bar Association (SBA) functions as the student government of the Law School. Accordingly, SBA officers are elected to their positions by the student body and function as, among other things, a) advocates between the student body and the law school administration, b) organizers and executors of events to promote student community, c) partners in promoting affinity groups on campus, and d) suppliers of all-grade level study materials and various “swag” items throughout the school year to promote the law school and enhance students’ feeling of inclusion.

SBA puts on numerous events throughout the year in partnership with the Student Affairs Office, affinity organizations, law firms, and others. These events offer not only the benefits of interconnection and socialization amongst law students but chances to interact with communities outside of one’s own, effective networking opportunities with firms and legal product representatives, and professors.

SBA is a one-stop-shop for all things that may impact a student’s time here at the Law School. Additionally, because members of our board represent a wide swath of backgrounds, personalities, professions, ages, cultures, races, genders, and more, students are made to feel that they are represented and seen.