Student Complaints About Compliance with ABA Standards

The American Bar Association requires that accredited law schools provide students with the opportunity to submit complaints "that seek to bring to the attention of the law school a significant program that directly implicates the school's program of legal education and its compliance with ABA Standards" (available at In the interests of promptly addressing any such complaints, the Student Affairs Office here at the University of Texas School of Law created a website to facilitate the submission of and prompt reply to student concerns. The procedures for filing and addressing complaints are described below.

Filing a Complaint
  1. To file a complaint that identifies a problem with the Law School's program of legal education and its compliance with ABA standards, students should follow this link to the complaint submission page.
  2. On the complaint submission page, in the box available to describe the complaint, the student should describe in detail the behavior, incident, program, or process that is the basis of the complaint and explain how it implicates the Law School's compliance with a particular ABA Standard.
  3. The form provided for filing the complaint requires information about the student's identity in order to facilitate an administrative response to the complaint; a complaint may not be submitted without that identifying information.
Administrative Response to the Complaint
  1. Once the complaint has been submitted, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs will be notified immediately via email, and a response will be submitted to the student that the email notification has been sent.
  2. Within two weeks of receiving the complaint, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs or his designee will either (a) meet with the student about the complaint or (b) respond to the complaint in writing. In either case, the student will be provided with a substantive response to the complaint or an explanation of steps that are being taken to address or further investigate the complaint.
  3. In the event further investigation is needed after the initial meeting or written response, the student shall be informed promptly of the results of that investigation and the steps to be taken, if needed, to address the complaint.
  4. If the student is not satisfied with the response from the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, an appeal may be made to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.