Supervisor and Employee Checklist

For Employees

Prior to your first day:

  • Know your UT-EID – Generally created by employee when creating application for employment. For new faculty, if you are unaware of what your UT-EID is, please contact Sylvia Hendricks, 512-232-1473.

On your first day:

  • Get a Photo ID from the main campus ID Center.
  • Update your profile on the Law School Directory (if you are not listed in the directory, please contact Law School Human Resources.
  • Submit a photo for the Law School Directory. The photo is only available to the law school faculty and staff listed in the directory.
  • If you are faculty, you have an opportunity to update your Faculty Profile. After you are added to the Law School directory a default faculty profile is created. You and your assigned administrative assistant have access to update your profile. The faculty profiles include sections for biography, publications list, activities list, curriculum vitae, and contact information.

For supervisors

Adding a new employee to your department:

Prior to their first day, complete the New Employee IT Assistance form for your employee. This form will cover IT needs including email, access to email groups, departmental shared folders, printers, administrative applications, and new equipment needs.

Note: Law Technology Services (LTS) will verify employee is in Law Directory before creating email and network access. Also, please allow for two business days for the completion of any IT request related to a new employee.

If your employee has a change in position or title:

If you need to change any network drives, printers or application authorizations, please complete a new LTS Help Ticket request and it will be addressed.

If you are terminating a position:

Administrative applications, IT equipment, and email will follow a standard process and timeline for removal. However, the employee’s supervisor, HR, or UT Legal may request special consideration and accommodations will be made.

The date of termination is defined as the date that the employee’s record is marked “Inactive” on the law school directory. On the date of termination, the following will occur:

  • Email will be disabled and the former employee will no longer have access to the account.
  • After 30 days from the date of termination, the email account and its contents are deleted.
  • Access to administrative apps and network drives will be removed on the date of termination.
  • Equipment will be itemized, returned, and inventoried prior to the employee leaving campus. LTS will be dependent on the department supervisor and HR department regarding any future changes to position termination.
  • Employees email will be removed from all groups and lists maintained by LTS.
  • “Auto Reply” and “Auto Forwarding” can only be updated by the employee, prior to termination.