The Global Summit

January 1216, 2021

Concurrent Sessions XX

January 16, 2021 | Day 5

Panel 84Nationalism and Constitutionalism [English]

Panel has moved to Concurrent Sessions XIV.

Panel 85Constitutionalism in Indonesian’ Adolescent democracy: The Dilemmas In the Third Largest Democracy [English]

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Chair: Stefanus Hendrianto, Pontifical Gregorian University

  1. Bivitri Susanti, Indonesia Jentera School of Law
  2. Susi Harijanti, Padjajaran University
  3. Stefanus Hendrianto, Pontifical Gregorian University
  4. Fritz Siregar, Indonesian Election Supervisory Board

Panel 86Public Participation in Constitutional Change: Comparative Perspectives [English]

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Chair: Abrak Saati, Umeå University

  1. William Blake, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  2. Anna Fruhstorfer, University of Potsdam
  3. Alexander Hudson, Max Planck Society & Ran Hirschl, University of Toronto
  4. Felix-Anselm van Lier, Max Planck Society

Panel 87The Social Acceptance of Constitutionalism in East Asia [English]

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Chair: Jiunn-rong Yeh, College of Law, National Taiwan University

Discussant: Tom Ginsburg, The University of Chicago, The Law School

  1. Masahiko Kinoshita, Kobe University, Graduate School of Law
    Imposed but Democratized Constitution: A Posteriori Development of the Legitimacy of the Japanese Constitution
  2. Minh Tuan Dang, Vietnam National University Law School, Hanoi
    The Adaptation of Constitutionalism in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam: The Development of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s ‘Constitutional’ Rules on the Limitation of Government Power
  3. Il-Young Jung, Harvard Law School
    Reception of Constitutionalism in South Korea: How Grassroots Movements Established Constitutional Democracy from Dictatorship

Panel 88Book Panel: Gary J. Jacobsohn and Yaniv Roznai, Constitutional Revolution (Yale University Press, 2020) [English]

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Chair: Yaniv Roznai, IDC Herzliya

Discussant: Gary J. Jacobsohn, University of Texas at Austin

  1. Rehan Abeyratne, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  2. Marie Gren, Université Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne
  3. Jiri Priban, Cardiff University
  4. Kim Lane Scheppele, Princeton University

Panel 89Constitutional Identity, Constitutional Amendibility and Judicial Review of Constitutional Amendments [English]

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Chair:  Simon Drugda, University of Copenhagen

  1. Han-Liang Chou, National Taiwan University
    With or Without Supremacy: Judicial Review of Constitutional Amendments in Taiwan and Malaysia
  2. Simon Drugda, University of Copenhagen
    Reflections on Constitutional Unamendability: View from the 2019 Selection Hearings for Slovak Constitutional Court Judges
  3. Felix Dube, North-West University
    The Constitutional Court’s Quest for South Africa’s Constitutional Identity: Looking Beyond Transformative Constitutionalism
  4. Sooraj Gemini, Department of Law, Central University of Kerala, India
    Article 31B and The Ninth Schedule of The Constitution of India: A Challenge to Constitutionalism
  5. Endre Orban, University of Public Service
    Human Rights of the State? The Case of Hungary
  6. Yen-tu Su, Institutum Iurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
    The Politics of Fundamental Rights: Lessons from Taiwan’s Path to  Same-sex Marriage

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