About CWIL

The Center for Women in Law is the premier educational institution devoted to the success of the entire spectrum of women in law, from first-year law students to the most experienced and accomplished attorneys. It combines theory with practice, identifying and addressing the persistent issues facing individual women and the profession as a whole. The CWIL acts as catalyst for significant and lasting changes in the legal profession by:

  • Building a national movement through strategic partnerships, including the biennial Women’s Power Summit on Law and Leadership and the Consortium for Advancing Women Lawyers;
  • Providing leadership programs that position women lawyers for success at all stages in their careers;
  • Promoting best practices for advancing women in law firms, businesses, government, the judiciary, and academia;
  • Advocating for creative solutions that allow women to raise families while building legal careers;
  • Providing a center for academic research; and
  • Serving as a resource to lawyers, law firms, businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions across Texas and throughout the United States.

Initially the idea of seven women who wanted to leave a legacy for future generations of women lawyers, the CWIL now proudly has 50 Founding Members and a growing number of women in CWIL Power Circles.  Through the contributions and engagement of these pioneering women from The University of Texas School of Law and other prestigious law schools as well as one non-lawyer, the CWIL’s original vision has blossomed into a vibrant reality.

CWIL is the only center of its kind in the United States.  CWIL serves as a national resource to convene leaders, generate ideas, and lead change.