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Courtyard on the Trinity side of the Law School

Texas Law Tops Lawdragon Campus Law School Tour

“University of Texas Law School is tops for us,” writes Lawdragon's Katrina Dewey. “It’s at the forefront of the student-centric flip in legal education, there is no law school that can touch it within 1,154 miles in any direction, and it’s #1 in a state that mightily matters, and which it dominates.”
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Scott McCown: Texas must increase funding to fix Child Protective Services

Texas Law Prof. F. Scott McCown, a former judge and longtime advocate for children's rights, and the current Director of the Children's Rights Clinic at the law school, anticipates the need for state lawmakers to look more closely at CPS's budget in a powerful recent opinion piece for Dallas News.


Texas Law ranked best in the country for salary-to-debt ratio

University of Texas Law School graduates have the best salary-to-debt ratio in the country, according to a new ranking by US News and World Report. “Our law school is committed to being the best at what counts the most:  producing great outcomes for our students,” said Dean Ward Farnsworth.

Texas Law tops in bar-passage rate

Results from this summer's Texas bar examination were released Thursday and The University of Texas had the highest passage rate in the state, with 94% of Texas Law graduates passing the exam on the first try.

In Memoriam: Prof. Hans W. Baade

The School of Law reports with sadness the passing of Hans Wolfgang Baade, an emeritus member of the faculty and holder of the Hugh Lamar Stone Chair in Civil Law.
Ronen Avraham

Ronen Avraham: Race Influences Tort Damages

Most lawyers would say the Constitution forbids the government to discriminate on the basis of race, but Professor Ronen Avraham believes it still happens routinely in the courtroom.

In Memoriam: Prof. Loftus C. Carson II

The Law School community is greatly saddened by the passing of Professor Loftus C. Carson II, who served on the Texas Law faculty for more than 20 years.

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