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TYLA team hookem

Advocacy Teams Sweep Competitions

The Texas Law Advocacy Program recently competed in three different advocacy competitions, successfully taking on teams from around the nation and bringing multiple awards back to the law school.
Gilman and Hines

Immigration Clinic Plays Key Role at Detention Centers

Sunday’s Austin American-Statesman profiles the work of Texas Law’s Immigration Clinic and its leaders: clinic founder Barbara Hines, who retired last year but still maintains a presence in the law school; and, Professor Denise Gilman, who served with Hines for seven years before following in her footsteps as clinic director.
Prof. Sanford Levinson

“The Federalist in the 21st Century” Conference Kicks Off

The three-day conference “The Federalist in the 21st Century” gathers more than twenty of the nation’s leading constitutional scholars in Austin for a series of talks and panels inspired by—though not necessarily about—Sanford Levinson’s forthcoming book, “An Argument Open to All: Reading The Federalist in the 21st Century.”
Mark Kincaid

In Memoriam: Mark Kincaid ’83

It is with great sorrow that we report the passing of Mark Kincaid.  Mark was not only an alumnus (class of 1983) but also an adjunct faculty member here, and known to many of member of the law school community personally and professionally.

Charles Silver: Prolific Opinion Writer

Professor Charles Silver has been writing influential articles and books for three decades. Now, he takes on a new writing challenge: social and cultural commentator, looking at the world through a legal lens.

Michele Deitch: What’s Going On In Our Prisons?

Michele Deitch argues for independent oversight of New York State's correctional facilities, and national awareness that calling for increased police accountability is incomplete without consideration of what happens in our prisons, in this op-ed for The New York Times.
Joe Jamail 1952

Joe Jamail Dies at 90

Attorney and Longhorn philanthropist Joe Jamail, BA ’50, JD ’53, Life Member, Distinguished Alumnus, died Wednesday at age 90.

Baker and Silver Ask, “Is The Price Right?”

Every year, class action settlements bring $10-$20 billion into federal courts, and every year, federal judges award billions of these dollars to plaintiffs’ attorneys in payment of fees and reimbursement of expenses. But can we be sure those awards are set correctly? And, if they aren’t, what are the consequences for plaintiffs, attorneys, judges, and those companies committing securities fraud?

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