Scholarships are provided through the generosity of alumni and friends of Texas Law and are awarded based on scholastic merit and/or financial need. All incoming students (residents, nonresidents, and international students) are eligible for scholarship consideration and if awarded as an incoming student, the scholarship will renew automatically for the second and third year of law school enrollment provided the student meets minimum performance standards and remain enrolled full-time in the J.D. program at Texas Law.

Texas Law offers scholarships that range from $1,000 to several full tuition and fee awards each year. On average, more than 92% of all students have been awarded scholarships in the last three years.

How To Apply

Scholarship Requirements and Policies

All scholarship recipients must acknowledge and adhere to the Scholarship Requirements and Policies. Scholarship awards will not be applied until a recipient agrees to these guidelines.

Scholarship Retention

YearNo. of EnrolleesNo. of Students with ScholarshipsNo. of Students whose Scholarships were Reduced or Eliminated
This chart shows the number of awards reduced or eliminated. Texas Law does not award conditional scholarships.


Like scholarships, grants are financial awards that students do not have to pay back. In general, they are funded by institutional or government sources (e.g., Texas Public Educational Grant Program) and are typically based on a student’s financial need. Because grants are typically awarded to students based on information provided on their Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA), we strongly encourage students to submit a FAFSA even if they do not intend to borrow federal loans as they may be eligible for need-based grants that require a FAFSA submission.