Law School classrooms 2014. Law faculty member Mechele Dickerson's class and law students. (Photo by Marsha Miller)
27 members of the American Law Institute 6 Academy of Distinguished Teachers and Texas Law professors 58 Endowed Chairs or Professorships

About the Texas Law Faculty

The University of Texas School of Law has one of the most talented faculties in the nation. Legal legends such as W. Page Keeton, Charles Tilford McCormick, and Charles Alan Wright spent decades here. The tradition of excellence continues today with luminaries such as Mechele Dickerson (above), recently named to the University's Academy of Distinguished Teachers. Students at other schools learn from the books written by professors from whom our students learn in person every day.

There are 27 members of the American Law Institute on the faculty. Six of our law faculty have been elected to the University’s prestigious Academy of Distinguished Teachers. Texas Law professors have written prominent casebooks and treatises in use across the nation. Nearly 60 members of the faculty hold endowed chairs or professorships, and many faculty members have advanced degrees in fields related to their research, including economics, history and physics.

Faculty News

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Scott McCown: Texas must increase funding to fix Child Protective Services

Texas Law Prof. F. Scott McCown, a former judge and longtime advocate for children's rights, and the current Director of the Children's Rights Clinic at the law school, anticipates the need for state lawmakers to look more closely at CPS's budget in a powerful recent opinion piece for Dallas News.

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