J.D. Admissions

Texas Law is one of the premier public law schools in the country. Each year, we receive over 5,000 applications from around the globe to enroll an incoming class of around 300 students. While admission to Texas Law is competitive, we are deeply committed to ensuring we assemble a class of academically talented, high-spirited, and diverse students from all backgrounds and experiences who have demonstrated their potential to be leaders in the legal profession.

The primary goals of the admission process for the School of Law are:

  • to identify those students with the greatest probability of success in law school, considering proven predictors (standardized test scores, grade point average, the applicant’s undergraduate school and major) and giving appropriate weight to all other factors in the applicant’s file;
  • to identify students who exhibit a demonstrated commitment to public service, leadership, and other qualities valuable to the legal profession;
  • to identify students whose background, experience, and other qualities are likely to be of value in the classroom and in the School of Law; and
  • to provide a service to the state of Texas by educating its citizens from underrepresented regions of the state and disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds.

The School of Law takes great care in reviewing each application holistically. The many factors the Admissions Committee takes into consideration include but are not limited to: academic rigor of undergraduate study; graduate study; demonstrated commitment to public service; work experience; leadership experience; extracurricular or community activities; disability; socioeconomic disadvantage and/or first-generation college-student status; identification as members of an underrepresented racial and ethnic group; personal experiences with discrimination; exceptional communication and writing ability; proficiency in languages other than English; honors and awards, service in the Armed Forces; publications; and any other personal characteristics or experiences that would contribute to the diversity and overall enrichment of the School of Law.

Our special community at Texas Law attracts a special candidate, one who is grounded in collaboration and who will invest in each other’s success as well as their own—we encourage you to apply.

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