Texas Law offers an unbeatable set of student-run journals. They publish important scholarship about the legal system, and everything they print is selected or written by their student members. Involvement with a journal gives you a chance to take your writing skills to another level. It also provides a credential that employers value highly. We have more journals than most other schools, which means more opportunities for our students. Here is an overview that provides a sense of the interest and variety of these remarkable publications:

Cover of American Journal of Criminal Law

American Journal of Criminal Law

The American Journal of Criminal Law strives to promote and encourage improvement in the administration of criminal justice. The Journal is one of the top student-edited legal journals in the nation devoted to exploring current issues in criminal law. The Journal is published twice a year and is one of the largest circulating journals at the University of Texas School of Law. Each issue contains articles by law school faculty, members of the judiciary, and practicing attorneys, as well as a significant amount of student work written by Journal members. Read More
Journal of Law and Technology at Texas Volume 3 cover art

Journal of Law and Technology at Texas

The Journal of Law and Technology at Texas (JOLTT) is dedicated to bringing students together to explore the intersection of law and technology. We are committed to building a vast and supportive network of students, attorneys, lawmakers, entrepreneurs, and tech leaders in Austin and beyond. Read More
Texas Environmental Law Journal Volume 43 Issue 3 cover

Texas Environmental Law Journal

Texas Environmental Law Journal is the leading source for current legal articles and recent developments pertaining to Texas environmental and natural resources law. The Journal is co-produced with The State Bar of Texas. Published on a semiannual basis, student activities include editing, cite checking, formatting, and computer layout of articles dealing with Texas environmental issues. Read More
Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy

Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy

The Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy is dedicated to the discussion of Latino legal and public policy issues including immigration, civil rights, international law, labor law, employment discrimination, and etc. The Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy's strives to provide better legal representation to the Hispanic Community. Its yearly publication of solicited scholarly articles provides practitioners and scholars important information concerning Hispanic issues. A vehicle for students to improve their legal research and legal writing skills, The Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy enriches the educational experience of students through their service. Read More
Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal Volume 23 Issue 1 cover

Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal

The Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal is dedicated to all aspects of intellectual property law on the national and the state level. The Journal focuses on issues of interest to academics and practitioners on topics such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, entertainment law, and unfair competition. Articles and notes are written by scholars, pracititioners, and students. The Journal is managed and edited by students and is published twice a year, selecting members based on their writing and analytical skills. Read More

Texas International Law Journal

The Texas International Law Journal is dedicated to providing its readership with cutting edge legal analysis of recent developments in international law. TILJ is the fourth oldest international law journal in the country. It has been publishing important scholarly articles and promoting international symposia since 1965, currently publishing three issues per year. TILJ also hosts an annual symposium, which brings together preeminent scholars to discuss timely topics confronting international business, human rights litigation, U.S. litigation with international implications, and other areas of international significance. Read More
Texas Journal of Oil Gas & Energy Law Volume 9 Issue 2 cover

Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law

The Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law (TJOGEL) vision is to be a leading energy law journal, the forum of choice for energy law practitioners, professors, and students around the globe. Our focus centers on providing significant and innovative contributions to energy law and educating generations of law students for careers in the energy legal field. TJOGEL publishes two academic journal issues per year and provides our members with networking opportunities by hosting a career panel in the fall and a career fair in the spring, along with year-round happy hour and luncheon events. Read More
Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights Volume 19 Issue 2 cover

Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights

The Texas Journal on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights bridges the gap between theoretical and practical issues in the fields of civil liberties and civil rights. Published in conjunction with the Section on Individual Rights and Responsibilities of the State Bar of Texas, the Texas Journal synthesizes and analyzes current thinking on issues in these areas in Texas through articles by legal scholars, practicing attorneys, state and federal judges, and students. Read More

Texas Law Review

The Texas Law Review, established in 1922, is devoted to scholarly writings on general legal subjects of national and local interest. The student editorial board prepares for publication articles by outstanding legal authorities and law notes written by the student staff. Students become eligible to join the staff of the Review on the basis of high academic achievement and demonstrated writing proficiency. The editorial board annually selects its successors from the members of the staff. Read More

Texas Review of Entertainment and Sports Law

As of fall semester 2022 the Texas Review of Entertainment and Sports Law is currently inactive. Read More
Texas Review of Law & Politics Volume 19 Issue 1 cover

Texas Review of Law & Politics

The REVIEW'S mission is to be the prime forum for the discussion and debate of contemporary social issues, including crime, federalism, affirmative action, constitutional history, and religious liberties. The REVIEW publishes thoughtful and intellectually rigorous conservative articles--articles that traditional law reviews often fail to publish--to serve as blueprints for constructive legal reform. To this end, the REVIEW welcomes articles from legal practitioners and students, as well as academics. Read More
The Review of Litigation Volume 33 Issue 4 cover

The Review of Litigation

The Review of Litigation is a national law review published three times per year. Through articles by scholars and scholar-practitioners, as well as student-authored law notes, The Review synthesizes substantive scholarly analysis into suggestions for practical application in litigation. The seventy-member staff is chosen for excellence in writing and legal analysis. Read More